Hiring & Assessments

It is a well known fact that human capital is the driving force behind an organisation’s success. Selecting and recruiting the best fit for your organisation is our primary aim and our focus is always to support our clients in growing their teams effectively.


Job Descriptions

We interview hiring managers and BU leads to identify the key technical and soft skills required from a team member. Post our analysis, we create detailed job descriptions across hierarchical levels that outline every responsibility the incumbent shall perform in that role.


Talent hiring

We understand a job description in detail and identify the key skills and best culture fit for any role shared. Our expert team of recruiters are equipped to support hiring requirements across multiple industries, hierarchical levels and employee bands including regular /gig/project/ flexi roles.

Our search is backed with thorough screening, vetting and virtual interview evaluations. Our client list boasts of our impeccable record in conversion and joinings.


Capability Assessments

Our team works in collaboration with expert assessors to design and implement assessments that validate a candidate’s technical proficiency, soft skills, logical reasoning and personality assessments to further evaluate the fitment of an applicant for a particular role.