Organisation Transformation

Organisation Design

We understand your business priorities and help your establishment formulate an effective organization structure that will augment your business outcomes. Be it a startup, small enterprise or an established organization, we align ourselves to your vision and help you.

    1. Defining your mission and values statements.
    2. Build your organization structure, roles and staffing strategy.
    3. Develop management bands, company hierarchy and basic governance parameters
    4. Benchmark you with the industry parameters and define the job responsibilities, job levels etc.
    5. Help build for you required processes laying roots for the desired organization culture.

HR Policies and Processes

The roots of a healthy work environment for an organization rely on well laid HR policies and processes that would govern the employees of the organsiation.

    1. For startups/SME we offer to create detailed policies and processes including basic employee well being, administrative, statutory and performance guidelines.
    2. We remodel the client’s relevant HR policies/processes and handbooks according to the changing industry norms, business models, government laws etc.
    3. We also conduct and manage policy implementation mandates for organizations/roll out sessions and employee refresher programs with required sensitivities – independently and ‘Train the Trainer” programs.

Organization Restructuring 

Our team of experts first evaluates the modifications in business strategy for your company and then analyzes your current organization structures. In view of the current and future work /projects

    1. We plan the jobs and roles and recommend an optimum workforce mix – permanent/flexi/project based/remote/onsite/gig employee base.
    2. We help you identify and remove functional silos and define cross functional teams. We help develop effective communication strategies that engage multi-functional teams.
    3. We plan and implement hierarchical restructuring, flatter structures for teams, DOA for management roles.
    4. Design jobs that offer flexibility as well as growth to the employees. We help build cross functional teams and enable relevant training programs.