Talent Development

Leadership Development

Keeping in mind your goals and objectives our experts facilitate a plan to improve the skills, abilities, and confidence of the senior management keeping in mind the quality of the programme, level of support and acceptance from superiors, and the characteristics/learning style of the person being developed.

    1. Lend special focus to development of leadership & senior management folks to create an effective leadership model for your organization that facilitates the growth of your company.
    2. Train the top management of your company to facilitate change, provide support in hiring, manage diversity and inclusion of workforce, having empathetic leadership, managing virtual team , flexible reporting mechanisms etc.
    3. Design and develop modules for “Transformational leadership”. We conduct workshops on diversity and sensitivity towards different employee classes.
    4. Help train managers on changes in the employee workforce type and establish effective communication networks to manage onsite and virtual workforce.

Training and development 

We understand the need of improving the effectiveness of organizations, the individuals, and the teams through proper training and development. We assist you in the training of the employees in order to bring change in organizational effectiveness via organized instruction and long term progress in organization and individual goals through effective development

    1. We evaluate existing technical and soft skills across teams and develop training methods to upskill your employees.
    2. Evaluate current capabilities and design a re- skilling workshop to create cross functional training plans for critical roles in your industry.
    3. Devise and recommend career planning / career development modules for your teams.
    4. We also collaborate with trainers in the industry, thereby supporting our clients in their research and evaluation of trainers.
    5. Develop in house capability for advanced technological/project management/AI based learning modules.


POSH Training 

Our certified trainer conducts effective compliance training programs that help sensitise your employees and management on the importance of prevention of sexual harassment in a workplace and your obligation as an employee or theirs as an employee.